Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sea World

We got annual passes to Sea World to entertain us while we are here in San Antonio. They have proven to do just that..we are entertained!! Paisley loves going to see the Sea Lion shows or the Shamu shows or looking at the penguins or sharks..pretty much she loves it all. Pyper always loves going for walks so she does well with being strollered all around Sea World. We have also had a lot of fun at Sea World's water park, Aquatica. Pyper loves splashing in the water and Paisley is getting to be a lot more adventurous when it comes to water. She loves running thru the waterfalls and playing on the floaties they have there. Its very kid friendly so it's perfect for us!!
 Here we are ready to rock the park!!
 Up above is baby's crazy how early on these creatures can be trained. Paisley loves going to these shows, in this pic she could hardly contain herself or her excitement so she just kept squealing and laughing and hugging was so cute!!

 I love Paisley's expression in this picture. I also love how laid back Pyper is..she's just chillin'!
 When Aunt Whit came to visit she came with us and Paisley loved having here there to go on rides with!
 We pooped her out! Rides, hot weather and a full tummy will do that to you!

 Ah...the Steel Eel surprised us all. It actually was a really fun ride with an intense drop!
Paisley sure loves to watch Shamu do tricks..she gets so excited as soon as she spots him in the water or out!

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