Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Oh man...did the girls for sure love Easter? You bet they did! We had so much fun doing all the commercial aspects of Easter with the girls! Easter egg hunts, coloring Easter eggs, and finding Easter baskets. And boy did they love all the candy! I can't wait until they can really understand what Easter is all about. I talked a lot about Christ with Paisley that day and she said to me, "Mommy, I love Jesus!" What more can I say..I love my girls and love seeing them learn and have fun!

 Pyper was being a little crazy with the eggs so we put her in her highchair with a granola bar so we could finish..she was as happy as a clam!

 The Easter Bunny hide Paisley's basket in the oven this year. Silly bunny!!
 Paisley loves her owl water bottle she got!
 Sugar high!!


Paisley is now in a playgroup of girls!! They get to play together for 2 hours every Thursday and the parents just alternate hosting it at their house. There are 4 girls all together, but sometimes not everyone is there. This particular time we just had 3 girls at our house! Paisley loves dressing up in princess dresses and eating lunch with them.

Riley, Paisley and Lilly...just being girls!

Fun little lunch party.

 Even though Easton is not technically part of the girls playgroup..he is still Paisley's favorite. They are so silly together!! I love that Easton picked the most boy-ish of Paisley's headbands to put on..ha!

St. Patrick's Day

Well this year for St. Patrick's day we had some silly little elves that visited our house! They turn all the liquids in our house green!! Including our milk and toilet water. They also left the girls little chocolate coins around the house. Of course the girls quickly hunted those down! We had Green oatmeal and green waffles for breakfast and then later we went to the Bahr's for some green eggs and ham! What a great day!!

 Silly Leprichans! 

 Green Waffles
 Dinner with the Bahr's
 Look at Paisley! Ha...cute little bum! She is definatly her daddy's girl!!
Paisley is just one of the boys!!


Paisley and Pyper sure do know how to get on
each others nerve..and mine for that matter! But they sure do know how to love too! Paisley is a good big sister, always looking out for Pyper. If I say, "Paisley do you want a piece of candy?" She will immediately say, "and baby too?" If i ask her if she wants to go to the store with me, she will say, "Pyper too?" I love how they love! And they have taught me more fully what it means to love with all your heart!

 Pyper has an amazing pucker and will kiss anyone who is willing...oh no!