Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mother's Day

I finally got me a real pair of cowgirl boots! Just in time to go to California! Ha... Thanks Russell for the boots!! I sure am grateful to be a mother to these little beauty's and a wife to my handsome husband!

Momna and Pappa Come to visit

Geez...we are feeling the love here in Texas with all these visitors! Paisley and Pyper just love seeing there Momna and Pappa. We had a blast visiting all that San Antonio has to offer. We had a very eventful week and had loads of fun!!

Grandma and Grandpa Green Visit

We always love having visitors but grandparents are the best!! I love seeing our parents interact with our kids. It give me a glimpse of how they must have been with us, their own kids. I just feel so lucky to have parents who both love me and my children. We had a fun week with them and we sure did a lot!!