Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Wonder that is Saydee

If you haven't ever met Saydee then after she stops barking at you you'll realize that she is the cutest dog in the whole world. She is full of tons of personality and we wanted to share a few of her quarks with you.

Today was such a beautiful day we decided to bust out the scooter again and drove Saydee to a nearby park. Surprisingly she enjoyed the scooter ride and the wind in her face.

Oooh, Daddy loves little Saydee!

She is a fetch queen, but she hasn't mastered the art of dropping her toy after bringing it back:)

When she gets running fast she jumps over and over again. It's pretty funny.

Have you ever seen calics on a dogs bum. We love her little swirls of hair on her bum. She also has them on her neck.

If there is sun on the carpet shining through the window you can bet Saydee will be working on her tan, but when the floor doesn't have any sun on it she loves curling up in her blanket on top of the couch.

Saydee is part wolf as well. Whenever we start howling she jumps in and it's pretty stinkin' cute!

Videos of Saydee

These are some fun videos of Saydee. When we brought her back from the vet they put a bandage on her leg and she kept throwing it back and straightening it. Also, we love how excited she gets when you say, "Wanna Treat?" Also, her howl is so cute.

The Extra Mile

If you've spent more than a day with Trish you'll know that she goes the extra mile in everything that she does. She was recently called to be the Young Women's secretary in our ward (I'll miss her in Sunbeams with me) and the previous secretary hadn't made binders for any of the presidencies. Well Trish couldn't be happy with just buying binders...she had to scrapbook a page to go in every binder. About 20 scrapbooked binders later she has gone way above and beyond. They all looked awesome and hopefully the girls will appreciate them because she put a lot of time and effort into them.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Earth Hour

I don't know how many of you knew about Earth Hour, but last Saturday, March 28th, apparently the whole world turned off all electricity from 8:30-9:30 local time. Trish and I normally aren't very earthy/granolaey/whoeverelsey might get excited about Earth Hour, but it sounded like fun. We got home around 8:00 and started cooking dinner. The oven took longer to pre-heat then expected so Trish's chicken nuggets didn't get their full 14 minutes by the time 8:30 rolled around, but at 8:30 we turned off all our lights, unplugged our electric things, turned off Trish's new favorite Scentsy plug ins, lit some candles and enjoyed the night. We ate dinner sitting on the floor and sadly it was the first time in a while that we have eaten without the TV on. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. After eating we used that little lantern type candle on the table below to walk upstairs and find some games to play. We had to keep playing games until Trish started winning so we went through a few rounds of sequence, yahtzee, etc until Trish found her new favorite game with 9 cards. I didn't beat her once! It was a fun night and Earth Hour turned into Earth Hours for us and hopefully it will turn into a family tradition in the years to come.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I wish I could say that picture with our Christmas lights was from Christmas time, but we still have our lights up (granted we don't turn them on any more, it's just been to cold to take them down)...Any way, here are some pics of our home. We still have a long way to go, but we are getting it done one room at a time. It has 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms so there is plenty of room for visitors:)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What if We lived in the 1800's???

I was checking out Marcus's blog the other day and thought his old photo thing was pretty cool and decided to try it out on a few photos. What Marcus forgot to mention was that the site is in Japanese until you click to change it into English. I thought it was pretty cool and maybe you will too. Thanks Marcus!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Valentine's Day!!!

So...every year Russell and I switch off who plans Valentine's Day. This year was Russell's turn. It's always a surprise as to what we do...Russell had given me a few hints but didn't spill the beans. He told me that he had two things planned....one in the morning and one at night. He also told me that both of the things we were doing were things that I had told him I wanted to do. And lastly...that neither one of them was romantic. Ha...so as we were driving up the canyon I guessed it...we were going to take a little ride on the Heber Creeper....for those of you who don't know what that is, it's a 2 hour ride on a very old train. We had a blast drinking hot chocolate and playing games. Russell took some cool pictures...he is getting pretty good at using our new camera! Then later that night we went to a monster truck rally! It was a blast...i couldn't even handle how many white trash people were there...it was great!! I wished I had known about this date because you know I would have dressed up WT too!! All in all, Russell did a great job planning V day....he was right, it wasn't very romantic but it was a blast!! Now I gotta start thinking about next year.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Foosball Champion!!!

We went to DI the other day and created a foosball championship belt. After a grueling best two out of three tournament Trish earned the belt and she hasn't stopped rubbing it in my face since. I find her victory dance strangely attractive though so I think I'm going to keep letting her win:)

From Sun to Snow

Over Christmas we stayed in Utah with all the snow--p.s. even with all the snow we have not gone sledding yet and Trish has still never built a snowman after lots of years in Utah. Any way, we took family pictures with Russell's family, drank lots of hot chocolate at Mimi's Cafe mmmmmmmm and another mmmmmmmm cause it's so good, and worked a lot on our house. It was a great break!

These onesies are by far on my top ten favorite things ever!!!
Oh...I just love our little Saydee and she loves the fire. Little Ann (my parents dog) is really jealous of Saydee and gets depressed when she's around:(

Thanksgiving in California...Just a little late:)

So over Thanksgiving...I know it's lame that we are finally putting up pictures from Thanksgiving...we went to California and all of Trish's sisters were there. It was fun to have 16 nieces and nephews and 12 adults partying in the same house. A woo hoo!!! We took family pictures while we were down there, did a BBQ on the beach, and of course had a fabulous thanksgiving dinner!!!