Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Las Vegas

Hooray for Las Vegas! Trish and I recently had to go to Las Vegas for work, but that didn't stop us from playing in the evenings! We saw the lions in the MGM Grand, got a few weeks worth of exercise walking up and down the strip, paid way too much for Gelatto, and we went to the aquarium in Mandalay Bay. It turned out to be a great trip and we made a lot of memories!

This is the gelatto that cost $18. Can you believe that? It was the second smallest gelatto and we didn't see the prices when we ordered it. When the cash register lady said 18 something I thought we were buying a months supply. When we sat down to enjoy our dollar per spoonful gelatto the guys next to us started laughing and said "at least you didn't spend $43 like us." At albertsons I think $43 would buy you like a cows lifetime worth of ice cream, but in Vegas they do things a little different. Oh well...