Saturday, November 17, 2012

Online Scavenger Hunt for Trish

This post is intended for Trish and thanks to the internet I can send you messages of love and gratitude even though we are 81,290,880 inches apart right now.  My message for you today is short and sweet so here it goes...

_______1_______  ______2_______  _______3_______  _______4________!

1.  To fill in this blank go to
Find the section titled "Mobile Bill Pay Now Available"
6th line down
5th word from the left.

2.  Go to the St. George Marathon website
Hover over "Race Info"
Click on "Quick Facts"
Find the face that will allow you to correctly fill in the blank
"There ___ 36 Runner & Wheelchair Divisions to compete in."

3.  Find President Monson's talk, "Love, Joy, & Inspiration" in the Nov. 2012 issue of the New Era.
Online the word your looking for is 39 lines down (including headings, but not the title)
10th word in from the right.

4.  Go to
Type the word "Pulchritudinous"
Fill in the last blank with the definition of this word or any of the synonyms.
A few of my favorite synonyms for you, just FYI, are #'s 3, 7, 12, 24, 28, 38, 44, and 51.

I love you honey!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Pyper is 1!

Happy birthday to my beautiful baby girl!! I can't believe she is already 1! time fly's. Well despite dealing with a kidney stone and Russell working all day, we were still able to make it a fun and eventful day for Pyper! Thanks to family and friends, we had a good night! Thanks to all who helped!

Friday, November 9, 2012


Well, we had a lot of fun in October! This was the best Halloween yet because it was so fun to see Paisley get all excited about dressing up and getting candy! She finally get's it! All she has to say is 3 little words and and random strangers will just give her candy! ha.. Pyper didn't know what was going on but she was along for the ride! We taught Paisley to say "creepy" when she would see spooky things and we got a kick out of it every time she said it! Poor daddy had to work but we had fun experiencing Halloween at Sea World with him!
All Halloween'd out! 
 What a cute little Elmo and Cookie Monster!
Well that worked out now didn't it!?
 Paisley was so excited about this. She actually got to BE Elmo!

 Russell for sure won the Pumpkin contest this year..he did the tree and it turned out awesome!!
 Good times at Sea World! We had a fun day there..we were lucky Russell finally got a Saturday off and were able to go!

Paisley and Pyper love crawling around in these tunnel's!
Paisley learning how to trick or treat..she was a pro by the actual night!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More pics of the Girls

Sorry..I kinda got a little behind on this! I will try and be better!! Here some updated pictures of the girls! They are getting so big!!
     Paisley has recently gotten into Elmo! She is obsessed! Ha
Daddy lets her lick the spoon to the brownies...she sure loves that!
Pyper can crawl up the stairs now..she starting to be able to keep up with Paisley!
 Pyper will be 1 next month..crazy!
 Sisters, sisters... they love spinning in this chair!
Love this little girls smile.

Pyper getting into mischief!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Paisley's boyfriend

So, since we have moved here to San Antonio, I have made some good friends. One of which is my friend Julie Bahr. She has 6 kids and her youngest is almost 3 and his name is Easton. Paisley just loves him, they get along pretty darn well, mostly because he is a little older and lets Paisley have her way. He is so cute to her and always makes her laugh. I've already arranged a marriage. It will take place in about 20 years so save the date!!!
 Man, she is already all over him, cracks me up!!

Playmate for Paisley

Well we had a visitor this week and loved every minute of it. Christy Gunnell, our cousin, came to visit us with Miss. Mila. It was 3 days of fun for us all, days full of Sea World, swimming pools, treats, Baths and play time. Thanks Christy for making the trek down to us. We had a blast!!

 MMM...we got introduced to Blue Bell Ice Cream..we may have gotten a little carried away but it was fun!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pyper is mobile

Well Pyper is officially all over the place!  She has a funny little scooch, twist and move kind of crawl but man is she getting fast at it! Daddy captured Pyper on the move!

 This is Pyper's new funny face that she does ALL the time..she cracks me up!

My Paisley is 2!

Seems like just yesterday that we were making a mad dash across the border of Utah to have this beautiful baby. I can't believe she is already 2! Oh how time fly's when your...well..busy (ha)! Well we had a pretty low key birthday for her this year. We put Pyper to bed so that we could give Paisley our undivided attention. Mam-na (Grandma Wilcox) called on Skype so she could watch Pais open up her gifts and eat her cake. We made Paisley a cute little cake just her size. She opened up a few gifts ..mostly shoes..(she needed them badly) a Curious George movie from Aunt Wendee and Uncle Gian and some dry erase markers from Russell for her white board. The next day we had some of our new friends here in San Antonio over for some cake and ice cream. The Barr's, the Hunsakers and my cousin Brenda and her family came to help add to the fun festivities. Thanks everyone for making it a happy birthday!

This was the princess crown that I made Paisley for her birthday. Just spray paint some lace, add a little mod-podge, a flower and some feathers and you got yourself a crown!
I love that I can put Paisley's hair up in messy buns now!
 Paisley sportin' her new Sunday outfit. What a little diva!
 I LOVE these shoes!!

 Paisley wasn't too thrilled about the crown at first but now she keeps wearing it around the house!
 Paisley favorite gift: a $4 set of dry erasers. Well..that was easy!
 Mam-na on Skype.. she stayed and hung out with us for the whole ordeal. Thanks Mam-na!
 Paisley wanted a need to get your hands dirty.
 Paisley needed some new shoes so we decided to wrap them up and give them to her for her birthday.

 The cake must have been good :)
 So good that she decided to share with Da-da, Ma-ma and even tried to give Mam-na some on Skype.