Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ode to Pyper

Well, this little firecracker of mine lives up to her name. She is a talker! Pyper has the cutest sense of humor and if you laugh, she is sure to follow suit! She is so sassy and has a big personality. She can be pretty bossy, most of the time its cute! She loves to do anything and everything that Paisley is doing, much to Paisleys despise. She loves to play hide and go seek and she loves to wrestle on the ground. I think she will be a female UFC fighter when she grows up! She is very quick to change from being happy to sad but the same goes for being sad to happy so that's good. She loves to be snuggled. She is definitely 100% a mamas girl. She loves to snuggle her baby and she always has a sippy cup and snack cup in hand. She gives the best kisses. I love when she says, "I did it!" after she has accomplished something. Or when she does her "gorilla eyes" (patterned after her Aunt NeNe) and then switches to her "happy eyes". She is so sensitive and loving. My baby girl is growing up. I can't believe she is 2!! I don't know what I'd do without this little spicecake in my life!

                                                                            Gorilla eyes!!
                                                         ...... ha! she cracks me up!!

Ode to Paisley

Can I just say, "I love this girl!?" You bet I can! Paisley is so fun to be around. She is talking up a storm. I swear I have a teenager some days. She has got so much personality and spunk. She is obsessed with Dora the Explorer these days. Like really obsessed and goes crazy when it's time to turn it off. We have had to put limits on her TV watching. She has never really been interested with the TV or movies so its never been a problem...until now! She loves to play outside and do anything crafty. She loves coloring, putting stickers on paper, play dough, gluing things...anything of this nature. She has been going to a pre-school once a week and is loving it. Although she likes to play more than she likes to listen (who would've thought). She is very girly and loves to play dress up. She is getting very independent and wants to dress herself every morning (im having a hard time with this one!) And she HAS to have a bow in her hair. She loves long hair and gets mad at me whenever I wear my hair up. She always tells me she likes my hair down and long, she says it's prettier that way. Ha..I agree with her but sometimes I gotta put it up! She loves her nursery class and her Cherubs (music) class. She just finished her ballet class and is begging to do it again. It's safe to say that Paisley is a daddy's girl (unless she is hurt) My favorite thing is when something crazy happens and she says, "Holy Smokes!" We taught her to say that instead of "Oh my gosh!!!" I didn't really like the sound of that coming out of my 3 year old's mouth. She is growing up so fast. I sure do love this big girl of mine.


Well, this definitely deserves its own posts! Russell has never in his whole life grown a beard before. He could never get past 2 days because of all the itching and uncomfortableness. So I challenged him to do it. Just once, just so he could say he did it. And what better time for him to accept this challenge than in Movember! So without further it is in all its glory! Not too bad huh? We took it off in sections to see all the stages. And man some of them were creepy! Ha....I do have to say I learned a valuable lesson from this experience... I hate kissing hair! Glad it's gone!! I can't get these flipped..sorry!



Sorry this is late but I thought I'd throw it in there!! We had so much fun and the girls just loved being princesses! The girls got a ton of candy and we are still, almost three weeks later, reaping the benefits of it.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pyper's Second Birthday!!!

Pyper's second birthday was a success.  Hey if there is cake involved then anything is a success in her eyes.  She loved her roller coaster present and dollar store presents from Paisley.  Paisley had a really hard time giving the gifts to Pyper though.  Cake was a hit and got all over the place.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

New Swing Set

Paisley and Pyper sure love their new swing set from Grandma's and Grandpa's!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mother's Day

I finally got me a real pair of cowgirl boots! Just in time to go to California! Ha... Thanks Russell for the boots!! I sure am grateful to be a mother to these little beauty's and a wife to my handsome husband!

Momna and Pappa Come to visit

Geez...we are feeling the love here in Texas with all these visitors! Paisley and Pyper just love seeing there Momna and Pappa. We had a blast visiting all that San Antonio has to offer. We had a very eventful week and had loads of fun!!

Grandma and Grandpa Green Visit

We always love having visitors but grandparents are the best!! I love seeing our parents interact with our kids. It give me a glimpse of how they must have been with us, their own kids. I just feel so lucky to have parents who both love me and my children. We had a fun week with them and we sure did a lot!!