Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ode to Paisley

Can I just say, "I love this girl!?" You bet I can! Paisley is so fun to be around. She is talking up a storm. I swear I have a teenager some days. She has got so much personality and spunk. She is obsessed with Dora the Explorer these days. Like really obsessed and goes crazy when it's time to turn it off. We have had to put limits on her TV watching. She has never really been interested with the TV or movies so its never been a problem...until now! She loves to play outside and do anything crafty. She loves coloring, putting stickers on paper, play dough, gluing things...anything of this nature. She has been going to a pre-school once a week and is loving it. Although she likes to play more than she likes to listen (who would've thought). She is very girly and loves to play dress up. She is getting very independent and wants to dress herself every morning (im having a hard time with this one!) And she HAS to have a bow in her hair. She loves long hair and gets mad at me whenever I wear my hair up. She always tells me she likes my hair down and long, she says it's prettier that way. Ha..I agree with her but sometimes I gotta put it up! She loves her nursery class and her Cherubs (music) class. She just finished her ballet class and is begging to do it again. It's safe to say that Paisley is a daddy's girl (unless she is hurt) My favorite thing is when something crazy happens and she says, "Holy Smokes!" We taught her to say that instead of "Oh my gosh!!!" I didn't really like the sound of that coming out of my 3 year old's mouth. She is growing up so fast. I sure do love this big girl of mine.

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