Friday, November 9, 2012


Well, we had a lot of fun in October! This was the best Halloween yet because it was so fun to see Paisley get all excited about dressing up and getting candy! She finally get's it! All she has to say is 3 little words and and random strangers will just give her candy! ha.. Pyper didn't know what was going on but she was along for the ride! We taught Paisley to say "creepy" when she would see spooky things and we got a kick out of it every time she said it! Poor daddy had to work but we had fun experiencing Halloween at Sea World with him!
All Halloween'd out! 
 What a cute little Elmo and Cookie Monster!
Well that worked out now didn't it!?
 Paisley was so excited about this. She actually got to BE Elmo!

 Russell for sure won the Pumpkin contest this year..he did the tree and it turned out awesome!!
 Good times at Sea World! We had a fun day there..we were lucky Russell finally got a Saturday off and were able to go!

Paisley and Pyper love crawling around in these tunnel's!
Paisley learning how to trick or treat..she was a pro by the actual night!

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