Saturday, November 17, 2012

Online Scavenger Hunt for Trish

This post is intended for Trish and thanks to the internet I can send you messages of love and gratitude even though we are 81,290,880 inches apart right now.  My message for you today is short and sweet so here it goes...

_______1_______  ______2_______  _______3_______  _______4________!

1.  To fill in this blank go to
Find the section titled "Mobile Bill Pay Now Available"
6th line down
5th word from the left.

2.  Go to the St. George Marathon website
Hover over "Race Info"
Click on "Quick Facts"
Find the face that will allow you to correctly fill in the blank
"There ___ 36 Runner & Wheelchair Divisions to compete in."

3.  Find President Monson's talk, "Love, Joy, & Inspiration" in the Nov. 2012 issue of the New Era.
Online the word your looking for is 39 lines down (including headings, but not the title)
10th word in from the right.

4.  Go to
Type the word "Pulchritudinous"
Fill in the last blank with the definition of this word or any of the synonyms.
A few of my favorite synonyms for you, just FYI, are #'s 3, 7, 12, 24, 28, 38, 44, and 51.

I love you honey!

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Russell and Trish said...

pretty sure i love you honey! pretty sure about that!!! you are too cute :)