Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Paisley is 2!

Seems like just yesterday that we were making a mad dash across the border of Utah to have this beautiful baby. I can't believe she is already 2! Oh how time fly's when your...well..busy (ha)! Well we had a pretty low key birthday for her this year. We put Pyper to bed so that we could give Paisley our undivided attention. Mam-na (Grandma Wilcox) called on Skype so she could watch Pais open up her gifts and eat her cake. We made Paisley a cute little cake just her size. She opened up a few gifts ..mostly shoes..(she needed them badly) a Curious George movie from Aunt Wendee and Uncle Gian and some dry erase markers from Russell for her white board. The next day we had some of our new friends here in San Antonio over for some cake and ice cream. The Barr's, the Hunsakers and my cousin Brenda and her family came to help add to the fun festivities. Thanks everyone for making it a happy birthday!

This was the princess crown that I made Paisley for her birthday. Just spray paint some lace, add a little mod-podge, a flower and some feathers and you got yourself a crown!
I love that I can put Paisley's hair up in messy buns now!
 Paisley sportin' her new Sunday outfit. What a little diva!
 I LOVE these shoes!!

 Paisley wasn't too thrilled about the crown at first but now she keeps wearing it around the house!
 Paisley favorite gift: a $4 set of dry erasers. Well..that was easy!
 Mam-na on Skype.. she stayed and hung out with us for the whole ordeal. Thanks Mam-na!
 Paisley wanted a need to get your hands dirty.
 Paisley needed some new shoes so we decided to wrap them up and give them to her for her birthday.

 The cake must have been good :)
 So good that she decided to share with Da-da, Ma-ma and even tried to give Mam-na some on Skype.

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