Thursday, August 16, 2012


Okay, so if you know me well you know I love crafts. I have been so busy lately that I haven't been able to do a thing. So that's pretty much all I did today, other than keep my kids fed and alive. Ah, I just love making cute things for my girls. Here is Pyper and Paisley sporting some of there new headbands..and some of headbands sporting their new outfits! Some of the color combinations are weird but it's because they match outfits! I know I'm a dork!!
I love these little girls in pearls!
Am I a bad Mom if I let Pyper suck on that dog toy she is playing with?

This is Paisley modeling Debut..ha! She's such a pretty girl!

Yes, I'm fully aware of my problem! The majority of these ribbons are 6 feet long!

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Unknown said...

Sooooo cute! how did you learn? Love it