Saturday, August 11, 2012

Critters in Texas

These are some little critters that I have caught in our front yard so far. I was watering the front yard and this big toad started hopping around, so being the Trish that I am I of course had to catch it! It ended up peeing all over my hand just like I knew it would, but it was worth it to have Paisley get to see it up close..she got down and started imitating the hopping stance. The next day I saw this little Gecko outside our front door and I tried to catch him but he was too fast. Later that night we must have accidentally let him into the house because I was cleaning up some toys and he went running across the living room floor. I held him in my hands and waited for Russell to get the camera before I opened them up again...low and behold his poor little tail came off. It must have gotten pinched in between my fingers and he felt threatened so he let his tail go. I felt so bad. Anyhow, I let these little guys go but if I ever come across a scorpion he will not be so lucky!

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