Wednesday, January 28, 2009

From Sun to Snow

Over Christmas we stayed in Utah with all the snow--p.s. even with all the snow we have not gone sledding yet and Trish has still never built a snowman after lots of years in Utah. Any way, we took family pictures with Russell's family, drank lots of hot chocolate at Mimi's Cafe mmmmmmmm and another mmmmmmmm cause it's so good, and worked a lot on our house. It was a great break!

These onesies are by far on my top ten favorite things ever!!!
Oh...I just love our little Saydee and she loves the fire. Little Ann (my parents dog) is really jealous of Saydee and gets depressed when she's around:(

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Nicki said...

I love the photo of the icicles! And the onesies. You guys are H.O.T!