Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Wonder that is Saydee

If you haven't ever met Saydee then after she stops barking at you you'll realize that she is the cutest dog in the whole world. She is full of tons of personality and we wanted to share a few of her quarks with you.

Today was such a beautiful day we decided to bust out the scooter again and drove Saydee to a nearby park. Surprisingly she enjoyed the scooter ride and the wind in her face.

Oooh, Daddy loves little Saydee!

She is a fetch queen, but she hasn't mastered the art of dropping her toy after bringing it back:)

When she gets running fast she jumps over and over again. It's pretty funny.

Have you ever seen calics on a dogs bum. We love her little swirls of hair on her bum. She also has them on her neck.

If there is sun on the carpet shining through the window you can bet Saydee will be working on her tan, but when the floor doesn't have any sun on it she loves curling up in her blanket on top of the couch.

Saydee is part wolf as well. Whenever we start howling she jumps in and it's pretty stinkin' cute!


Chelsea said...

hey, i hope you dont' mind that I looked you guys up! I like to keep in touch :) And I want to see these home improvement (tiling, etc) projects! I love your decorating, Trish!

-Chelsea Alexander

Kelly deVilliers said...

Cute dog! Hope you had a fun summer.