Saturday, February 16, 2013


So we celebrated Valentines Day an day earlier this year. We decided to go to the rodeo and we invited our friend Julie to come. Rodeo's are always more fun with more people and Julie's husband was out of town so we invited her to spend the night with us! And lets be honest, we are a barrel of fun, so of course she wanted to come! Earlier in the day we took the girls to the fairgrounds and we got to go to the the petting zoo, watch pig races, eat cotton candy and just enjoy in the festivities. The girls had a blast and it was so fun to see them interacting with the animals. We had a great day!

 Yeah..these little guys were getting carried away with all the excitement going on! Ha
 Pyper was being so brave. She would run up to an animal and pet it and then run right back by my side. Then she would gain courage and do it again. So cute!

 Pig races! Our big kept losing but he came through in the end and won the last race!
 Paisley's first experience with cotton candy. She didn't really like the texture but leave it to Pyper to eat the rest!

 Good rodeo fun in Texas!! They really know how to put on a show!!

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