Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sliding Rock

On Labor Day Nicki and Cam invited us to go to sliding rock. For those of you who aren't locals...sliding rock is a natural waterfall with smooth rocks so it makes for a great slide. It looks like it will do some damage to your bum, but no go. It made for a fun day!!!

Cam was the first to brave the slide. We sacrificed him first to make sure it wouldn't hurt our buns...and it didn't!


Kipp and Ashlee said...

TRISH! What's up. I'm glad you found me in this mighty fine blog world. I am back at APX and am sad that you are not! It sounds like you guys are having fun. You guys do a lot of stuff! And your puppy is dang cute.

Our summer went well. It was fun since there were a couple of wives that I liked, so we just hung out. It is very nice, however, to be home! We will have to play someday.

Drew Danburry said...

awesome! yeah! i got married a month ago and things are good. just playing music on the road and enjoying life very much. did you know sliding rock was in our skate video Humility 3? I love that place. unless of course it isn't the sliding rock in alpine or american fork or whatever...much love guys! hope to see you soon!


Trish! It is so good to hear from you again! That is funny about our similar posts. You looks beautiful. Lets be blog friends:)

Taylor and Jaime said...

Trisha!!! It's Jaime Freer (Varley)...I'm so stoked I found you! I think I found you through Kristin Hadley's blog...anyway, you are the cutest ever still! I'm so happy to see what you're up to and you look so happy and in love! Congrats on getting married! Keep in touch :)

Andrea said...

That place brings back so many high school memories. I remember it being so hard to hike up and then the water was freezing! Looks like you had so much fun. You'll have to show me where that place is again.