Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Quick (or ridiculously long) Catch up

We finally caved into the blog craze! We'll see how long it lasts though because we are proving to be less technologically inclined than we thought we were. Also, our new little puppy keeps prancing across the keyboard so it is hard to keep typing this. We'd like to catch you up on the past year of our life and since a picture is worth a thousand words here goes nothin'!

So yeah...Trish fell into these sticks, almost drowned, but came out looking pretty hot!!!

Most recently we went to the Narrows in Zion's with Trish's sister Shannon and her hubby Tyler. It is definitely one of the most gorgeous places on earth. Loved it!!!

We went to Colorado with our good friend Nicki Schmidt right after the big tornado. It was so sad to drive around and see how many peoples houses and lives were now in shambles. This picture does not even start to do it justice.

Yes we both have our own bowling shoes...

We enjoy bowling, going to rodeo's (Yes we live in Lehi now), playing guitar hero, watching Salt Lake Real against David Beckham (the rest of the team didn't do anything exciting), and recently we've been floating down the Provo river every chance we get. The first time we went Trish lost her wedding ring:( and secretly I think she is hoping we'll find it one of these times down the river:) Oh yeah, I forgot to add that we also love jumping in the pillows at IKEA.

We bought a condo when we first got married (But I don't have a picture of the outside), and we recently just bought this house out in Lehi. We love our new little home and we (Russell more than Trish) love living in Lehi.

The lady who went before us had the cord break as they were bringing her in so she fell about 10 ft into the water. So we were basically freaking out the whole time we were up there.

For our real honeymoon we went to Los Cabos a few months later. We took some books to read but only got through a few pages because there was so much to do. We mooched off of the timeshare presentations for a free breakfast each morning and free activities throughout the day (parasailing, jet skiing, glass bottom boat ride through the harbor) That glass bottom boat sounded really romantic until it picked us up and was more ghetto than the chicken coop I spent my childhood years in:)

For our honeymoon right after we got married we went to Park City where we got to go on a hot air balloon ride. A woo hoo!

Before we got married we went to Florida with the Wilcox's where we went boating on a lake, then air boating through a swamp where we saw hundreds of alligators and even held some small ones. Of course we couldn't got there without visiting the amusement parks:) For those of you who know Tiffani Bates we stayed with her family. It was a super fun vacation!!!

Oh...look at the happy couple:)


Kassifrass said...

K duh, I am so excited you guys have a blog!! Love all the pics and I love you both! PS you need a pic of little Sadie! Love her!!

Tiff and Dan said...

Yeah!!!!I'm so glad you are finally blogging! i will be checking back often for all of your updates! lov eyou!

emiekins said...

Yeah!! I am so glad you are part of the Blog world now!!!! I can't wait to see the post that says "were Pregnant!!!" hahahah
You and your hubby are so cute together... I am so happy for you Trish.. You look really happy!! Can't wait to see more... Keep me posted!!! Love ya girly!!!